Pan Yun brand profile

          Pan Yun began in 2000, before the brand was founded it had established a strong research team.Pan Yun adheres to the use of advanced international standard equipment, for oriental skin and hair, continues to develop effective and high-quality personal care products such as skin care products, shampoo and hair conditioner. In addition, Pan Yun establishes strategic cooperative relations with sever alworld's largest suppliers of fragrances, constantly studies changing needs of consumers and jointly develops the international trend flavor.
Company Name:(Hong Kong) Australia and the United States and Japan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 

Former spokesman: Li Wanhua, Yang Yi
Established in 2000, operating range: shampoo/shower gel

Brand History

• 2000: Pan Yun brand was registered in Hong Kong and introduced the classic series of shampoo. In the same year, Hong Kong famous film star Miss Li Wanhua invited as the brand ambassador, Pan Yun's shampoo AD "hair fairy tale – Pan Yun" enjoyed popular support.

• 2007: Pan Yun launched perfume moisturizing series shower gel, and at the same time invited Hong Kong famous film star Yang Yi as the brand ambassador, and the slogan "360°aroma temptation" interpreted Pan Yun shower gel series' brand positioning as aroma-oriented .
• 2010: Shampoo products had new upgrades with an increase of 1.6 times the supple ingredients, so as to make hair all round smooth and brand new definition of Pan Yun shampoo supple experience.

• 2013: Shower Gel Series had new upgrades and added a variety of natural plant original incense, through the smell enjoyment, which could comfort, beautify, relax and decompress.

• 2016: Pan Yun Production Base Zhongshan Fenna Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd. celebrated its 20th anniversary. It had always provided consumers with effective, high quality and safe products for 20 years.

• 2017: Sailing again with a brand new image, Pan Yun launches Pan Yun fragrance shampoo and shower gel products. The high-end packaging design, slender bottle line, and the imported attractive fragrance temptation is irresistible.

Brand tone

         Pan Yun shampoo and shower gel products customize your exclusive charm fragrance, making each strand of your hair and each inch of your skin exude charming atmosphere, all the time conveying confident charm.

HOTLINE : 86-760-22832889
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